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Newcomer Safety

Safety: It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable in your first meeting(s) due to the nature of our addiction. If you experience or witness behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe before/during/after a meeting for any reason, you are encouraged to bring it to the attention of a trusted member or the meeting secretary.

Zoom Anonymity Online: Please use only your first name with last initial when creating your Zoom Profile Name or when introducing yourself in a meeting. Be aware that what you share in your profile name, such as last name, phone number, etc., will be seen by all other members on the call. If you need help with this, call or email using the information below.

 Zoom Anonymity by Phone (Dial-in Only): If you are dialing in with a phone to a Zoom call, your phone number will be displayed to all members. You may ask the secretary to replace your phone number with your name, but that may take a few minutes, especially if the meeting is already underway.

Minors: Individuals under 18 years of age are not allowed in SA meetings.


Contact Central California SA:
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